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-When a Disappointment Helped Lead to a Nobel Prize. The winners of this years Nobel in economics did pioneering field experiments that sometimes didnt work as expected. Horror as another baby sitter goes on bloody rampage, stabbing to death girl, 5, boy, 8, and their two dogs. The victims, an eight-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, were discovered by Naperville police at the home of Elzbieta M. Plackowska, 40 in Illinois. No room at the inn Christmas tourists flock to Bethlehem. Tourists have been flocking to Bethlehem in the run up to Christmas to visit the birthplace of Jesus, leading to a shortage of hotel rooms. Adam Reed reports. UPDATE 1-OPEC gearing up for deeper oil cuts, Russia yet to agree. Oil glut looming without cuts as U.S., Brazil, Norway pump  more  (Updates with Oman, OPEC delegates). The Finance Crisis Part Three. At a panel discussion called, The Finance Crisis Lessons Learned from Canada and the Way Forward, at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Robert Rubin, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, shares his thoughts on the EU debt crisis, ​ [[http://​smilezone9.xtgem.com/​__xt_blog/​__xtblog_entry/​14457784-privateness-coverage|Why is Lord in capital letters in the Bible Did Sylvester Stallone have a cleft lip]] the pros and cons of the United States and the impact of Occupy Wall Street, with Chrystia Freeland, Global Editor-at-Large of Reuters. Missing backyard inflatable pool spotted flying through the skyin Perth. Incredible photos taken from the ground showed the blow-up pool gliding like a blimp high above treetopsin northern Perth after it went '​walkabout'​ from a property in the suburb of Hocking. Where IS Prince Andrew'​s wanted woman Ghislaine Maxwell who is at the heart of sex claims about him. How on earth is Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured) -57-year-old socialite, fixer and alleged '​madame'​ to one of the most high-profile child sex abusers in history - keeping her location secret? With suction cups and lots of luck, scientists measure blue whale'​s heart rate. Using a bright orange electrocardiogram machine attached with suction cups to the body of a blue whale, scientists for the first time have measured the heart rate of the world'​s largest creature and came away with insight about the renowned behemoth'​s physiology. Feline arty! Artist loves her pet cat so much she's added it to works by Botticelli, Dali and even the Mona Lisa. A bizarre but strangely wonderful concept of classic paintings and fine art work '​improved'​ by a fat ginger cat, Fat Cat Art is rapidly growing its online fan base. Pauline Hanson is under fire for suggesting Aboriginals be DNA tested before receiving welfare. Pauline Hansonis facing calls for her removal from a cross-party working group on indigenous issues after she said Aboriginal people should be DNA tested. Brain scans can PREDICT teen depression weeks before their moods change, study suggests. University of Colorado, Boulder, scientists discovered that poor coordination in two brain regions can diagnose and predict depression in teenagers, and suggest we should screen with scans. G.M. Strikes Economic Toll Is Showing I Might Lose the Business. Much of the pain from the strike, now in its fourth week, is concentrated in the northern Midwest, [[http://​shovelghost03.unblog.fr/​2019/​11/​18/​ravens-steamrolled-by-hyacks-in-playoff-opener/​|Which bears will attack humans What criteria is required to be satisfied to send out Amber Alerts]] was already contending with a manufacturing slowdown. Japan AM Abe shocked at death of Japanese aid agency chief in Afghanistan. Japan Prime Minister Abe said he was shocked at death of Tetsu Nakamura, the Japanese aid agency chief who was killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday. U.S. Democratic panel flags misinformation concerns to Facebook. Facebook'​s policy on paid political advertisements has flaws that allow the spread of false information,​ the U.S. Democratic National Committee has said in a letter to Sheryl Sandberg, a top official of the social media giant. 
-Storm serves U.S. Northeast second helping of snow. A vast wintry storm that has been raging across the United States since before Thanksgiving served a second helping of snow to the Northeast on Monday, closing offices and threatening to disrupt the evening rush-hour commute. Life in South Korea'​s Goshitels. Goshitels are tiny dormitory-style housing units [[http://​radarduck6.jigsy.com/​entries/​general/​Utah--Ice-Castles|Do bears live in the Midwest What does the NSA monitor]] South Korea which often measure less than 54 square feet and are so crammed that only one person can fit inside at a time. 
- From the Hospital to an Old Navy Thanksgiving at Work. Millions of people spent the holiday on the job, and many workplaces have forged holiday traditions out of the shared obligation. Outraged pensioner receives $10,000 bill claiming she had used three million litres of water. Verlene Johnston, 83, from Ballina on the NSW far north coast was horrified to get a $9,747.53 bill for the whopping three million litres of water she'd had apparently used between March and June this year. 16 Nominees for South Asian Fiction Award. The DSC literary prize comes with a $50,000 award. Cory Booker Bets $100 Billion on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The senator unveiled a broad plan at a decisive period for his struggling campaign as he faces the prospect of not making the December debate. Why Did U.N.C. Give Millions to a Neo-Confederate Group? The University of North Carolinas settlement over a controversial statue is a subsidy for white nationalism. 
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